Jefferson School PTO


First Grade:

Mrs. Gibney: Lisa Miller, Elaina Ditillo
Mr. Rodgers: Lauren Baum, Vanessa Hillas

Second Grade:
Mrs. Lyons: Angie Gannon, Amy Roselle
Mrs. Pedersen: Lisa Ruck, Jaime Beatty

Third Grade:
Mrs. Katz: Betty Lebron, Qiong Jin
Ms. Knecht: Kristin Balsey, Monica Trim

Fourth Grade:
Mr. Bell: Maria Darmer, Sarah Gouveia
Mrs. Meierdierck: Rosalie Hannigan, Melanie Hughes

Fifth Grade:
Mr. Fluharty: Lisa Lee, Kathleen Forte
Ms. Fusari: Sarah Curiale, Patty Donovan
Ms. Scaglione: Kathy Clark, Donna Fisk

Did you express interest in serving as a class parent, but don't see your name here? Class parents will be in touch with opportunities for you to help out in the classroom during the school year. Thank you so much for your willingness to lend a hand!

Questions? Please reach out to Class Parent Coordinator: Angie Gannon