Jefferson School PTO

​​​Grocery card program

What is the Grocery Card Program? This program is an easy way for Jefferson to earn funds. For every $100 in gift cards purchased, Jefferson earns $5.

How do I participate? Its super simple. We all buy groceries. All you need to do is sign up to purchase a set amount of gift cards each month. The cards will be delivered to your door. You pay for the cards with check (payable to Jefferson School PTO or cash). Then you shop as normal, just using the purchased gift card(s) to pay for your order. 

Do the gift cards have a fee? No. You order a $100 gift card, you receive a $100 gift card. The stores donate 5% back to the PTO. THERE IS NO COST TO YOU!

If 20 families bought $400 of cards per month for the school year, we would earn $4,000.

It’s easy to participate!

I'm ready to order. Who do I contact? You can contact Mary Krunnfusz directly at and she will deliver the cards to your door or complete the form and send it in to school with your child, clearly marked JEFFERSON PTO GROCERY CARD ORDER.

Grocery Card Order Form

Thank you!